Current position    CESS/FLAME Postdoctoral Research Officer
                                Centre for Experimental Social Sciences
                                Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Working papers

  1. God insures those who pay: formal insurance and religious offering in Ghana. May 2017.
    (with E. Auriol, J. Lassebie, E. Raiber, P. Seabright)  pdf
  2. Take your time or take your chance: Time discounting as a distorted probability. February 2018.
    (with M. Abdellaoui, E. Kemel, F. Vieider)  pdf
  3. A method for the integrated measurement of risk and time preferences. June 2017.
    (with M. Abdellaoui, E. Kemel, F. Vieider)  paper available on request
  4. Time for Tea Now. Discounting for Money and Consumption without the Utility Confound. May 2018.
    (with M. Abdellaoui, E. Kemel, F. Vieider) pdf

Work in progress

  • Risk, rationality, and economic well-being: evidence from Indian panel data.
    (with S. Choi and F. Vieider)
  • A comparison of risk elicitation mechanisms in the field.
    (with F. Vieider)
  • Platform competition between religious organisations. Evidence from Pentecostal churches in Ghana.